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Leandro Santos was born on a tranquil morning in São Paulo, in the loving arms of Mr. Benedito and Mrs. Madalena. He grew up in the outskirts of the city, under the nurturing shade of a family that encouraged him to explore his passions from an early age.

His father, a football enthusiast, saw in Leandro the potential for a great player. Thus, from his first steps, Leandro was guided through football fields, experiencing his initial victories and defeats on the courts. However, at the age of 17, something unusual happened. Moved by a more seductive melody, Leandro decided to exchange the ball for the captivating rhythms of axé.

His journey as an axé dancer led him to join significant groups in the cultural scene of that time. Stages pulsated with Leandro’s contagious energy, and with his fluid movements, he won the hearts of the audience.

But life is full of transformations, and seeking a new form of expression, Leandro decided to change the course of his trajectory once again. He entered the field of health, becoming a nurse at the renowned Albert Einstein Hospital. His dedicated spirit and compassion gained recognition, making him a respected figure in the hospital environment.

However, destiny still had another significant change in store for Leandro. Driven by a deep sense of purpose and an understanding of the fragility of life, he chose to embark on an unexpected path: the funeral industry. He became a pioneer, establishing his own company not only in Brazil but also in the United States.

Today, Leandro Santos is more than a successful entrepreneur. He is a compassionate guide, assisting families in facing the most difficult moments of their lives. His journey, marked by twists and courageous choices, reveals the true essence of a resilient and dedicated individual who found meaning in helping others cross the thresholds of life and death with dignity and compassion.


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In a moment as delicate as international funeral transportation, we recognize the importance of providing a service that extends beyond logistics, infused with sensitivity and respect. Our commitment is to facilitate a serene and respectful journey for those who have departed, and to offer solace to their loved ones.

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